Catseye of Doom

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Catseye of Doom found
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Catseye of Doom was a legendary jewel which had been sought after by treasure seekers for centuries. It was known to be located on Planet Doom, because the jewel had originally been part of a statue of the Cat Goddess of Doom. However, the Caves of Doom in which both the statue and the lost jewel were hidden, were so filled with traps and Ghosts, that it was nearly impossible to complete the quest for the Catseye.

Prime Evil had become convinced that the Catseye did not really exist, although Long John Scarechrome still believed in the legend. But when Prime Evil decided to send the Ghostbusters on a whild goose chase into the Caves of Doom, not only did they manage to find the Catseye, they also put it back in it's rightful place, on the forehad of the Cat Goddess statue.


The Castsey of Doom makes it's only appearance in the episode Maze Caves.


Catseye of Doom
Catseye of Doom Goddess

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