Big Evil
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Big Evil is an enemy of Prime Evil's regularly tries to take over Hauntquarters.


He has even a bigger ego than Prime Evil. And body mass to match.


Big Evil wears a robe similar to the one worn by Prime Evil, only with four arms. His face is completely organic looking, as opposed to Prime Evil's more technologically based visage. He has a Fu Manchu mustache and beard, which gives him an air of of a stereotypical asian criminal mastermind. And, as his name implies, he is rather obese.


Prime Evil mentioned that Big Evil has tried to take over Hauntquarters for centuries.

Their similar robes could be a symbol of high rank amoungst ghosts.

Big Evil first appeared in A Friend In Need


A Friend In Need

Prime Evil's Good Deed