Benny in charge
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Benny was the Phantom of the Big Apple's lead henchman. When the Phantom found Jessica Wray unwilling to cooperate in his scheme, Benny and another of the Phantom's hencmen, Clyde were ordered to go after Jessica and capture her, which they did. Later, Benny informed the Phantom via a video screen that the Ghostbusters had arrived at the Phantom's syscraper.

Phantom, Benny and Clyde atempted to escape in the so-called Crookcopter, but were stoped by Tracy the Gorilla using the Spectre Snare and, following that, dematerialized by Jake Kong Jr. while still inside the copter.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Benny has the look of a 1930s era gangster and speaks with a thick New York accent.

History Edit

Benny first appeared in the episode The Phantom Of The Big Apple.


The Phantom Of The Big Apple

Really Roughing It

Trivia Edit

Benny and Clyde are named after the infamous bankrobbing duo Bonnie and Clyde.


Jessica silenced by Benny
Phantom instructs Benny

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