Wailing Banshee
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Wailing Banshee was able to cause thunderstorms with her wailing. Prime Evil once summoned the Banshee from 13th Century Ireland to use her thunderstorms to knock out every telephone poll on Earth, destroying all means of communications.

The Ghostbusters and Futura teamed up with an adversary from the Banshee's own time period: Kelby the Leprechaun to defeat her.

Personality Edit

The Banshee never spoke a word, so she probably has no personality, but she's just as evil.

Appearance Edit

The Banshee wears a purple dress, has red eyes, no visible toes and appears to have froglike features.

History Edit

The Banchee first appeared in Banish That Banshee.


Banish That Banshee

Trivia Edit


Banshee lightning

Banshee shoots lightning.

Leprechaun vs banshee

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