Anti-Gravity device

puts victims out of harms way

Anti-Gravity device C
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Anti-Gravity device was invented by Tracy the Gorilla to keep a person out of harms way. Specifically, when the Kong family was inflicted with the curse of the Werewolf, Tracy came up with this gizmo to demobilize Jake Kong Jr. in case he would begin to transform into a werewolf.

It started out as a silver box that could be attaced to a person's waisteband. At the push of a button on a small remote control held by the user or a friend, an extendable arm would reach out of the top of the box and attach a one size fit all rubber suction cup to the head of the wearer. Secondly, an extendable leg comlete with a brown shoe would pop out of the bottom of the box and kick upwards, causing the wearer to fly up into the air and get stuck on the ceiling with the suction cup.

Luckilly, there was no need for the Anti-Gravity device to be used as the Ghostbusters went back in time and managed to alter events so that the Kong family never became cursed to be werewolves.


The Anti-Gravity device was first used in the episode Like Father Like Son.


Like Father Like Son


Anti-Gravity device A
Anti-Gravity device B

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