Anchorman Ted
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden

The Anchorman worked at the same TV news station as Jessica Wray. He reported a special bulletin from the Middle East when a giant ghostly mummy was terrorizing the oil fields. During this broadcast, Jessica referred to him as 'Ted'. However, when the same Anchorman reported on the opening of Ghost Park, Jessica called him 'Bud'. It could be possible that 'Bud' is 'Ted's nickname, or else Jessica was confused. A third possibility would be that Ted and Bud are two different yet surprisingly similar men working at the same Television station.

In the episode Really Roughing It, yet another newsman with the same face appears, and this time Jessica calls him 'Peter'. This time Jessica and Peter are working at a radio station rather than for television, and Peter brings Jessica a breaking news story to read.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

The Anchorman first appeared in the episode Mummy Dearest.


Mummy Dearest (as Ted)

Rollerghoster (as Bud)

Really Roughing It (as Peter)

Trivia Edit

In the episode Mummy Dearest, Ted speaks like Walter Cronkite.


Anchorman Bud

Anchorman Bud

Anchorman Ted

Anchorman Ted

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