Alien Spaceship
Spaceship liftoff
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The 'Alien Spaceship manned by Zorgon, Nexor and an Unidentified Alien was intercepted on it's way to Earth by Prime Evil and several of his Ghosts in the year 2340. Prime Evil proceeded to strand the three alien travelers on an Asteroid which was continually bombarded by smaller meteors.

Meanwhile, Prime Evil presented himself as an alien with Scared Stiff and Fangster posing as his 'ministers', to the President of the World Federation. The only ones who saw through his deception were the Ghostbusters and Futura, who had travelled to 2340 to witness the Earth's first alien visitors. Together, they took control of the Spaceship, and, with Tracy the Gorilla at the controls, managed to locate the three stranded Aliens.

Although Zorgon was grateful to the Ghostbusters, he refused to return to Earth and help defeat Prime EVil. When the Ghostbusters engaged in battle with the evil spirit, who had taken control of the Global Energy Station, Nexor managed to persuade Zorgon to lend the Ghosbusters a helping hand, and the Alien Spacehip returned to Earth once more. After defeating Prime Evil and his henchghosts, the three aliens were finally met by the President of the World Federation and future history was restored to its logical course.


The Alien Spaceship first appeared in the episode That's No Alien.


Crawling Nexor

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