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A Friend In Need
Episode Number Dvd 13
Production Number 68008
Directed By Ed Friedman
Written By Brooks Wachtel
Tom Bagen
Date First Aired 09/24/1986
Animation Company Filmation

A Friend In Need


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy


Scared Stiff

Prime Evil

Dragon Patrol

Doctor Creep


Big Evil

Belfry (moral only)

Jessica Wray

Fuddy (voice only)

Ghost Command ItemsEdit




Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer

Spectre Sceptre


Plot Edit


The Ghostbusters are celebrating Tracy's birthday at the start of the episode by presenting him with a giant frosted banana. Jessica came up with an idea of planting a banana tree in the garden, but before Tracy could got to see it, the tree had disappeared along with the rest of the city.

Jake calls upon Fuddy to give him strength, but received super speed instead. Fuddy's voice answered from Jake's chestpiece.


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